Short tonight. Nothing really happens.

For a bit, Logic reasserts itself when Cole tells Edwin his idea of Peter coming to the island. Edwin tells him that it's a bad idea. He tells Cole that he knows it's impossible to happen. Cole, off in his happy little drugged world, says no he doesn't. Obviously Cole is living in some place where people want to spend time with someone who almost killed them to "Heal". His reasoning for this? If Peter saw how much Cole has changed, then he wouldn't be afraid any more. What this really sounds like is that Cole is more worried about getting Peter to forgive him than helping Peter himself. After all Peter needs to see that Cole is no longer evil. Once he sees that, then Cole will be forgiven and then absolved of any guilt. Quite the humanitarian Cole is.

Cole cries some, trying to convince Edwin that he's changed. Edwin says that he knows that Cole has changed, but it still might not be a good idea, after all who would watch the two of them? Edwin, as he leaves, asks, "Would you be willing to stay here longer if it meant helping Peter?"

Of course, Cole says yes. "I'd stay my whole life, if that's what it took."

Edwin leaves. Cole tries to figure out how to carve his dance of anger, which was really the dance of forgiveness onto his pole.

In a surprising turn of events, well not really, Peter does come to the island. He is, of course, nervous. Cole is more worried about the fact that he hasn't been around people in a long time as opposed to... seeing Peter again. They all sit around the fire, and Cole is told that Peter's parents came here as a last resort. That they had no choice.

They could have always said STFU NO. I would have. Obviously they are plot devices.

Cole tells them all about his adventures on the island and gives them the tour. Finally he says that he wants to help Peter heal. Peter, wisely, says he doesn't want Cole to help him heal.

GASP! What will Cole do?!

Touching Spirit Bear
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