We return to Cole six months later.

He's been in the hospital this entire time. His mother has been visiting every day and so has Garvey. Cole's father has not. His father has been charged with child abuse by his mother because of Garvey making his mom feel guilty.

Cole is confused as to why she shows up. After all, why does she suddenly care about him? And why should he believe her? And why didn't she visit at night... after visiting hours are done. She comes every day and appears to be trying to make amends and he's upset that she doesn't stay past visiting hours. When it's dark and he's alone with his thoughts. And he remembers the bear mauling him, and being angry and stuff. But he also remembers the baby birds and touching the Spirit Bear. Yup, the dead birds and the bear that mauled him bring him comfort. I know it would me.

Apparently the physical therapist tells him, what happened to Cole would have killed most people. Yes. The author fully admits that what he did should have killed Cole, but didn't. There goes any trust I have in this author. He just admitted to us that he did something unreasonable and unbelievable, that his main character should have been dead, but isn't because he's just that special. And when we get to the point where the author says his character is just that special, I want to put the book down and kill something.

And apparently they're taking Cole back to the detention center to decide what to do with him. Because the circle justice failed and what not. Garvey tells Cole that the hard part is not his physical healing but his emotional ones. And I gaged. You don't need to actually go out and say it. We should learn about it not be told about it with a sledge hammer.

Garvey comes by to visit him at the jail, and they talk about the island and how Cole saw the Spirit Bear, which Garvey isn't sort of believing. He says that Cole saw something that he thought was a Spirit Bear. They then talk about Cole's dad, who also has a sob story, which we learn from Cole's mother. Cole's father was abused and insert Cliched Background here.

The Justice Circle meets and people say that Cole should be handed over to regular justice. And then Edwin walks in. GASP. Once Edwin is settled, they say that it's Cole's turn to tell his story.

Touching Spirit Bear
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