And once more into the breach my friends, once more!

Edwin leaves, Cole carves, it rains, he does laundry. The next day he tries to make himself invisible to the bear by trying to mask his human scent and then he goes and tries to see the bear, but instead gets really cold. He tries this several more times with no luck.

Then one day he sees a beaver. He sits really still and watches it and then for some reason tries to grab it. The beaver slaps his tail at him.

That was the only time the beaver ever came near. Cole regretted betraying the beaver's trust. He couldn't help but think how many thousands of times he had done the same thing to people. That night he danced the beaver dance. He realized that a beaver had persistence, patience and ingenuity. By using only its front teeth to chew down one tree at a time and dragging each one into the water, it eventually made a home that could dam a whole river.

The next day, Cole began carving a beaver's head. He tried to think about the lessons the beaver had to teach but he grew frustrated by how poorly he carved. His beaver head looked more like a deformed frog. Still he kept carving.

Now the only intelligent thing in that above sentence is the fact that he had trouble carving. The rest of it is more heavy handed poppy cock. Once you start saying things like "thinking about the lessons" then you know the author is trying to shove a lesson and a moral down your throat. And when they start doing that, I put the book down. If you can't put the lesson in subtly then you're dong it wrong. No one likes to hear, "And this is the Lesson you should have Learned" when reading.

Time passes. Cole is busy. Cole still hasn't seen the Spirit Bear or danced the dance of anger. I'm going to dance the dance of happiness when this book is over. Edwin shows up and asks if he has danced the dance of anger yet and then leaves. Cole feels sad that the man leaves, wondering if he cared or not, or if he was mad. Perhaps the idea that Cole is supposed to stay alone on the island and not really have human contact is beyond him.

In any case Cole tries to stop being angry. But he can't dance the dance of anger. He also tries to become invisible. He's sad that he can't do it. Then one night he realizes how he can do it!


Short tonight. Which is good, even if it is rather pointless. But I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed.

Touching Spirit Bear
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