Previously on Touching Spirit Bear: Cole hates everyone. Cole burns his supplies. Cole goes swimming in the icy water at night.

So, Cole is swimming and he's getting cold. This is not surprising. He's starting to get numb. Perhaps his spirit bear will fall off. Moving on.

He flashes back to the fact that in the circle of justice there were a lot of circle named meetings. Talking circles, healing circles, community circles, bail circles, sentencing circles. Circling circles. Okay, maybe not the last one.

The particular circle we're concerned with tonight is called the Hearing circle. Notices were sent out so that everyone in the community could come and join in on the fun. It's held in the public library. A whole bunch of random strangers show up as well as Peter (the boy he beat up), and Cole's parents and the Lawyers.

The circle starts with a prayer and then there's the talking feather. It represents respect and responsibility. You can only talk if you're holding the feather. The Keeper, the leader of the circle says that Cole has "a long history of anger,growing more violent until you severely injured Peter Driscal. Even now, Peter continues therapy for injuries."

There are parents who want to make the community safer, people who want to change society for the better. Cole bullshits when it's his turn, saying that he screwed up and wants to make things better and he feels sorry.

His father is there to make sure that his son never causes problems again. His lawyer says what kids will be kids even if what Cole did was wrong, and Cole needs to be released on parole to his parents.


Then it gets to Peter. He says that he's here because he got beat up.

"His speech was slow and halting. His eyes darted around the Circle as he passed the feather quickly to his mother.

Cole studied Peter. Peter hadn't sounded like this before. Cole wiped his sweaty hands on his pants. It wasn't like he had meant to hurt anyone. Besides, this wouldn't have happened if Peter had kept his mouth shut."


Touching Spirit Bear
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