Chapter Of Reading and plots, Thieves in the castle.


Of the first chapter, nothing really of note happens except that Eragon learns how to read. In a week. He goes from completely illiterate to being able to slowly read a page without asking for Brom's help, in a week. The kid is that much of a fricking genius. Some other stuff happens in this chapter, like Brom coming up with a plan to get to the records and Eragon and Saphira not having enough quality time together. But really, Eragon learns how to become functionally literate. What else is there to say?

Eragon has a dream about a Mary Sue. That's what else there is to say:

"He saw a young woman, bent over by sorrow, chained in a cold, hard cell. A beam of moonlight shone through a barred window set high in the wall and fell on her face. A single tear rolled down her cheek, like a liquid diamond.

Eragon rose with a start and found himself crying uncontrollably before sinking back into a fitful sleep."

If that's not straight out of a bad fan fic... I don't know my bad fic. This is a typical tragic Sue set up. She's not only in a cell, but she's chained into it. And she cries the signature crystal tear. And Eragon all of a sudden starts crying uncontrollably after seeing her. For no reason. No reason at all. He starts crying after seeing her in his dream. Who he dreams about for no known reason. It's even more random that that other dream he had. It's just... there. For no reason at all.

Now, if we remember correctly, Jeod said that it would take months to look through all the records to find out the right one about the oil. Months if they were lucky. It takes them a couple of hours to find it. Eragon is alerted by Serious Ass in his human form (that looks like a human boy... with a sprig of holly in his hair, for some reason) that guards were coming. Eragon lies how he knows this and they get out of the records room just in time. The guards, also coming from Evil Harry's minion school, helps them get away, not finding it all remotely suspicious that they were found right near the record's room and they were told that Brom, Eragon, and Jeod were there. Eragon even says to himself, "They're helping us get away!"

Then it's some boring stuff as they manage to make a guess where the Seithr oil went so they know where the Ra'zac went. They figure that they went to a place called Dras-Leona... where there's something called the Dark Gates. The evil creatures went to a place where there are things called the Dark Gates. Who'd of thunk?

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