Words of Wisdom Edit

I'm not exactly sure what sort of words of wisdom are supposed to come from this chapter, I'm just glad it's short.

It actually begins promisingly enough. Eragon has bumped the bowl he's using for the scrying conversation he's having with Nasuada as she's trying to congratulate him. He realizes that she can't see the ripples because he's looking in water at her and she's looking through a mirror at him. Which is actually sort of interesting in regards to the way the magic works. It's kinda like how two people are on cell phones and one person is going "I can't hear you, can you here me? You're breaking up?" and the other person is, "I can here you just fine." THOUGH! I could have sworn the scrying spell only lets you see a person and not actually talk to them or anything. Mayhap that was a different spell or... something?

Anyway, Nasuada tells Eragon that he's a wonderful person for getting Orik elected king, even though he had to get attacked to do it. Because, you know, Orik couldn't have done it himself. And that it was Orik who took advantage of the circumstances and did something intelligent. Nope. Eragon gets all the credit.

Nasuada then wants to know when Eragon can get back. Three or four days?

Eragon is kinda... iffy on that whole return thing. See, he wants to go back to the elves and learn more. Nasuada wants him to kill things, or at least to hold off people who could kill them. Eragon wants to go and learn how to kill more things.

While they're having this conversation, Nasuada is constantly interrupted by things happening off screen.

But honestly the entire chapter is:

Nasuada: I want you to come back and help.

Eragon: But I need to go learn more.

Nasuada: But if you don't come back we'll all die

Eragon: But if I don't go learn more we'll die even more because when we get to Galby I won't know enough.

Nasuada: Well... fine. But come back here as quickly as possible. Four days is best even though you said that it'd take a week to get there and who knows how long it'll take you to do your lessons and things.

Oh, sure there's some talk about siege engines and stalling the battle, but honestly that's the gist of the chapter.

Also, Roran's back.

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