Greaves and Bracers Edit

To sum up this chapter: Katrina helps Roran put his armor on. Roran doesn't die from pain of his wounds which seem to have been forgotten. I'm not really sure exactly what to make of this chapter. It's two and a quarter pages long. It doesn't advance the story in anyway (more so than usual).I think it's supposed to be sensual by the way Katrina puts on Roran's armor, but it might have worked better if she was taking it off. Though I suppose some argument could be said to the romance of her protecting him. It's full of very... odd lines.

She cupped the curve of his calf with her hand as she secured the second piece of armor, her flesh warm against his through the fabric of his trousers.

Roran held out his arms to her and stared into her eyes, even as she stared into hers.

Her waist is thickening from her pregnancy. Elain still hasn't given birth. (what? they can't cut the baby out with a healer on hand? I mean if Eragon can cure cancer, surely they can get the baby out of there). She wants to know why he has to be on the front line. Because he's the Hero, obviously. Or because someone has to.

She gives him a favor, a red kerchief which she kept in her boobs... I mean bodice and ties it to his sword belt. But not his sword. Which is sad, because I would have liked to have seen which sword she tied it to.

He then takes his spear and shield, because it's always important to have protection when going out to use your spear, and leaves.

Katrina is not at all satisfied with this.

He goes out to the battle field. The horn sounds. They charge to siege Feinster. For some reason they're having mixed ranks. In this instance I would think that would be a liability. Each race has its own fighting styles and likely won't work well together. It'd be like mixing your cavalry with your infantry. Of course this is Paolini we're talking about. He's having his men charge into battle while the archer's are firing at them.

And there you go.

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