Inevitable Drinking Game Edit

  • Use of the word throbbing or throb.
  • The word meat.
  • Every time something shows up which is just Paolini making a commentary on what he feels is important but isn't done very subtly and has absolutely no importance to the story.
  • Every time Eragon does something that is supposed to be heroic (according to the text) but isn't.
  • Every time Eragon fails at doing something heroic, which he's supposed to/should do.
  • It's just there.
  • Every time Eragon is Just That Special.
  • Every time Roran or someone else is Just That Special
  • Every time Eragon falls unconscious
  • Every time Eragon does something that should be impossible
  • Every time Paolini breaks his previously established continuity or rules.
  • Twice if he does it when Eragon is being Just That Special or doing something Impossible
  • Three times if it's all three.
  • Every time Saphira is treated less like a friend/soul-mate/forever companion and more like a slave
  • Every time his prose gets utterly ridiculous.
  • Every time there is a weird metaphor or simile
  • Every time Eragon falls a sleep to end a chapter.
  • Every time Eragon wakes up to begin a chapter.
  • Every time the elves are shown to be Better Than Thou.
  • Every time Angela is Quirky.
  • Full bottle if there's any mention of hairless groins or something to that effect.
  • Every time Eragon wangsts about something.
  • And then immediately forgets about it.
  • Every time it feels like Paolini's just throwing something in there because he thought it was "Cool".
  • Every time something appears to be stolen from somewhere else.
  • Every time it's mentioned that the world would be so much better if the Dragon Riders were still in charge.
  • Every time it's mentioned that Galby is evil but there's still no evidence to back it up.

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