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Some people might possibly notice a category by the name of "Alec" hanging around as well as blue text on some of the wiki pages. I felt that some explanation, of course, then must be necessary.

Alec is a character of mine that I've had since 1993. He's a great big, unrepentant Gary Stu with a knowledge of the 4th Wall.

Commenting ... Why?Edit

So, why does Alec show up in the critiques? For several reasons.

One: Like Eragon he's an over powered Gary Stu - however one that I created. In a way this is to show that I'm not so high and might that I've never created a Gary Stu myself. I too have taken such pitfalls with those kinds of characters.

Two: However I've learned from my mistakes and so use him as a sort of commentary and contrast. Even though he hasn't been published yet, I have written numerous stories staring him and thus have watched him evolve over the many years. After all 1993 was a very long time ago.

Three: As he's "aware" of the fourth wall, it gives him the knowledge of who and what he is thus giving him the chance provide his own unique POV that I myself might not have.

Four: Because it amuses me. And that's probably the most important reason of them all.

Brief History and Life of AlecEdit

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